Disrupting spatial

We’re seeing some exciting re-framing in spatial; projects that undermine old silo-based approaches to location information access.

Darren Mottolini from Landgate will outline recent changes and improvements in data access through SLIP (Shared Land Information Platform) in WA.

The Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP) forms the backbone in WA for current and accurate information, drawing in information from over 40 agencies. It’s had a major upgrade over the last 2 years, and the increase in location knowledge and a wider use of this data is challenging how traditional location/GIS information is gathered and used.
So where and how is location information being used now, and how has it proved useful?

There remain challenges in this area; what lies ahead?

Where & When?

Central Institute of Technology in Perth on Thursday, March 26 @ 2:45 pm

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The Speaker

Darren Mottolini