What we’re taking on

Edge of the Web 2015 is a hybrid conference; a national conversation hosted by the Australian Web Industry Association (you’re a member, right?)

It’s hosted in Perth, with speakers from all round the country in person and via video, and content is streamed online and free.


We’re talking about web business and the disruptions that challenge us all; business models, management, technology and social issues. At Edge of the Web, you’ll meet some of the best people in the industry.

There are sessions that don’t require technical knowledge and there are sessions that do. We’ll clearly explain which ones are which.


Developers and designers

Come and influence the future of your industry. This is a chance to shift briefly away from normal information channels into new ones. A chance to discuss fully how things could work better.

IoT, Docker, GovCMS, Puppet, React, Metadata, Continuous Delivery, operations, Agile, tweaks, security, training…

Something bold

We’ll stream, tag, and rate. We’ll play with collaborative software and we’ll price it from $99 a day.

March 26 and 27, 2015 and streamed into pods and pads across the wide, brown land. Book for the Perth event here.

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