edge of the web 2015 is a
hybrid conference.
a national conversation across the continent.

we plan to disrupt the
conference model

14 disruptions.
streamed across australia
have your say.

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Edge of the Web conference starts in

26th and 27th of March, 2015. In the following cities

Edge of the Web 2015 is a hybrid conference; a national conversation across the continent.

 It puts business, government and the web industry in the one virtual place, talking about the disruptions that challenge us all.

For many clients, the web requires them to re-think and re-engineer their business models. How and where should they innovate? What’s next? Tuning in or attending will give them direct access to the full body of knowledge: developers, hosts, designers, specialist consultants and online marketers. Our job in this conference is to frame the questions that help clients make well-informed decisions.

Web developers, on the other hand, are grappling with communication and management challenges. And deciding between the new technology and the even newer. For them the conference is a chance to shift briefly from normal information channels into new ones, where people talk and explain in an easily digestible form.

We are the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA); now a national organisation, running events in all mainland states.

In 2015, here’s our agenda:

  • We want to discuss how government, business and the web industry can work together better for our economic future
  • We want to provide clients with clear guidelines on best practice in web development, both in the business-model sense, the process of working with developers and in technical decision-making.
  • We want to discuss our own industry challenges and showcase what is edgy and worthwhile

While hosting these discussions, we plan to disrupt the conference model. We’ll crowdsource the topic development, giving all parties an opportunity to direct attention. Put your ideas in front of decision-makers, play with the sharp knives and cause a future. Your time starts now.

We’ll stream, tag, and rate content. We’ll allow some anonymous commentary. We’ll cover the interesting and the important. We’ll be incredibly interactive and collaborative and we’ll have fun in the process. We’ll price it at $99 a day.

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth on March 26 and 27, 2015 and streamed into pods in other cities.

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