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Election photo approved

A week after the data retention legislation, Senator Scott Ludlum offers an overview of what we know about what’s being collected and a roadmap for impacting policy in this area.

IBM’s fresh look at the Internet of Things


How eCommerce and the Internet of Things might intersect… Sanjay from IBM will talk design thinking for good user experiences and outline the IBM/Samsung proof of concept that turns the Internet of Things into the Economy of Things. Telehash, bit torrent and the blockchain; objects linked with contracts and payments.


paul harris

The open platform for developers and sys admins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. We show how to quickly assemble apps from components, ship faster and run the same app, unchanged, on laptops, data center VMs, and any cloud. It’s a ‘get your feet wet’ session, not designed for advanced users.

Presented by Paul Harris



Mapping our values to our online behaviour… Emma addresses the differences between consensual and non-consensual sharing and asks the web industry to provide online tools that help delineate them.

Blockchain 2.0


What is the blockchain and where is it headed? How can it be used for things other than the transference of value? You’ll get examples of how smart contracts and multisignature applications will change the face of business.

Presented by Jason Williams


Some of the smartest cookies in the digital strategy business talk through their approach to digital strategy development using real-world businesses as case studies.

Presented by Cameron De Giorgio


Chris Harrop

Open source opportunities and realities… GovCMS is the new web Content Management System and cloud platform for Australian Government agencies. What is GovCMS trying to achieve and how will it work?

Presented by Chris Harrop streamed live from Canberra

Accessibility risk & reward


You’ve seen the Coles case in the news. What lies ahead in accessibility compliance? Vivienne will outline who is most at risk and what web developers can do to mitigate risks for clients and bake in accessibility preparedness.

Moment in Time


Designing & developing a new access to file-sharing… Moment in Time networking allows instant file-sharing and polling without downloads or pre-registration. It works on all devices. Luke Feldman talks about developing TouchPoint.

Presented by Luke Feldman

Continuous Delivery


Beyond Continuous Integration… Darrell King outlines critical steps towards Continuous Delivery adoption with a recent case study.

Presented by Darrell King

Crash course: ladies in tech

kate raynes-goldie

What’s changing for women in technology and what’s not? In this panel we’ll tell you how to make your events and teams inclusive and welcoming so that everyone reaps the benefits of having awesome ladies around! Panel features Kate Raynes-Goldie (FTI), Marcus Holmes (Perth {Web} Girls) and Michelle Sandford from Microsoft.

Skills that matter


Industry organisations and university students alike lament the lack of job readiness of graduates, and courses not being current with what is needed in industry. What are the issues surrounding this? How can the web industry have greater input? How can web-focused higher education courses stay ahead of the curve?

Side projects


What different models exist for entrepreneurial side-projects at web development and design companies? Let’s share some different ways of generating entrepreneurial culture (rather than everyone keeping it all to themselves).

No such thing as a dumb question

troy hunt

Bring your security issues to a session where you can back-channel us a dumb question and we won’t say it was yours! Troy Hunt and other experts in the room will field questions as best they can.

Presented by Troy Hunt

Configuration management with Puppet

stephen wallace

Stephen Wallace demonstrates the power of the Puppet. This open source configuration management utility automates software delivery. Learn how to automate tasks that sys admins have been doing manually for years.

Presented by Stephen Wallace

Playing with corporates


Thanks to the digital disruption, large corporates are re-thinking their ideas about innovation. Coke, Arup, HBF, RAC, BankWest and others are putting money into hackathons, looking for ideas and opening up their databases to developers.



What do you do that works? Share a tip or a tweak that makes life easy. Lightning talks that will get you business-changing benefits in a matter of minutes.

Presented by Patrik Affentranger

Master of your domain (names)


You almost certainly register .au domain names for your clients. Would you like to be able to bulk transfer your domain names between registrars? Do you want improved management tools? Jo Lim from auDA will explain their new program for domain name resellers.

Presented by Jo Lim

Monetising IoT

Steven Cooper

How can you integrate IoT and the various online platforms to create unrecognisable experiences for users in the digital world and monitise those opportunities?

Agile Padawan


Agile methods of software development have really taken off. Lean, XP, Scrum, Kanban… What do they all mean?

Call that a BRIEF?


We’ve all had the experience of a client giving us a brief on a scribbled bit of paper, right? Bam Creative founder Miles Burke will share how both clients and industry can tackle bad briefs, and get back to creating awesome work with less head-scratching.

Is it just You?


Or is this problem widespread? If it’s widespread, what can we do about it collectively? Let’s identify what the challenges are. A structured investigation of what is missing in our industry.

A panel session with a Moderator


David Cake

Certificates and security: why should every website be HTTPS by default? Also, the breakthrough that the EFF’s Let’s Encrypt! promises and how DANE could bypass Certificate Authorities.

66,000 and your corporate culture


How’s your corporate culture? Miles will explain how he’s constructed the culture at Bam Creative in light of previous experiences and how that led him to develop the startup 6Q, which aims to help companies measure and then influence their corporate culture.

Does your website speak Mandarin?

Daniel Roffman

What makes for an effective web presence in China? To succeed, your site needs more than direct language translation.

Data is beautiful


Telerik’s John Bristowe showcases Kendo UI DataViz – a library of interactive charts and graphs that enable beautiful visualizations of your data.

Presented by John Bristowe

Disrupting spatial

Darren Mottolini

Opening up access to location information. Changes and improvements to how traditional location/GIS information is gathered and used, being delivered through WA’s Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP).


Fancy elevator

Pitch your technology or your web services or your idea and get some feedback while you’re at it. Live pitches in each location. Contact us now if you want to lock in your slot.

Where You run the show

Empathy training

Dr Scott Hollier

Dr Scott Hollier demonstrates how the rich world of the Internet occurs to people who are vision-impaired. Welcome to the world of screen readers. You’ll be moved, inspired and a little shocked and you’ll never feel quite the same about accessibility again.